COVID-19 in 2022
How We’re Keeping You Safe and Secure

Go Tours Canada is taking extra precautions to re-open in Spring 2022.

Our Segway and Walking Tours fully re-launched in March 2022.  The good news is we’ve modified our Walking Tours to take place completely outside by request.  Read below to find out the additional safety and cleaning steps we’re taking. We hope to see you soon.

Go Tours Canada is an award-winning Toronto attraction open for business in Summer 2021. Find out about our COVID-19 Health and Safety measures in this post.
Okay, yes, the masks are photoshopped in.

Specific Steps We’re Taking to Keep You Safe

For 18 years we’ve taken the Health and Safety of our guests seriously.  After training over 120,000 riders since 2005 we’ve become pretty good at the whole health and safety bit – so we’re going the extra mile on our COVID guidelines.  Our Segway Tours take place completely outdoors and are one of the safest activities in Toronto during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Walking Tours can be performed completely outdoors with a minimum of 6 feet between Guests and Tour Guide by request.  Tour Guides will ask for your consent before removing their mask outdoors.

Read below to find out the specific measures we’re taking to ensure all of our Tour Guests receive the best safety and care possible.

General Guidelines

  1. If you or anyone in your group is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, we are offering to reschedule or completely refund your tour.
  2. Our Tour Guides will wear masks for the duration of the tour upon request.
  3. It is recommended that Tour Guests wear N95 masks during interior portions of tours.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance of our office.
  5. Tour Check-in can be completed outside of our office.

Segway Tours

  1. Continuing to spray helmets with disinfectant after every tour.
  2. Wiping helmet rims and straps with disinfectant after every tour.
  3. Single-use hairnets are available upon request.
  4. Tour Guests are requested to wear a face mask during training. We recommend bringing your own mask but can provide single-use masks upon request.

Walking Tours

  1. Tour Guides will wear masks upon request during interior portions of any tour.
  2. We are avoiding certain interior areas with tight spaces.
  3. Tour guides will open any doors for tour participants.

Teambuilding Events

  1. Maximum of 8 Participants per tour – larger teams can be split into groups of 8.
  2. On Segway Tours, machines are cleaned between each tour.

How You Can Help Keep Us Safe in 2022

We understand that everyone wants to get out and experience a little bit of normal. However, if you or anyone you’ve booked for a tour is exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you reschedule or cancel your tour.

For now, we’ve relaxed our cancellation policy. If you or anyone in your group is sick, you will not be charged for a cancellation. We try to reschedule guests whenever possible but understand in this current situation that may not be possible with reasonable certainty.

If you’re ready to book a tour, visit either our Walking Tours or Segway Tours page to find out more. Starting in early May 2022, we’ll have tours available at Ontario Place too. We know that everyone wants this pandemic to be over.  We want our employees, guests and everyone to feel safe and secure – and we’re getting closer.  Let’s keep these tighter tour guidelines in place for Summer 2022 so we can all enjoy a 2023 with far less restrictions.

Thanks for supporting our small business, we truly appreciate your help in keeping us open for another year of tours – fingers crossed for Fall and Winter too.  If you’d like to see what else there is to do in the Distillery District during your visit, click here.  Visiting us at Ontario Place? See what else is happening.

Go Tours Canada is taking the Covid-19 crisis seriously.  Find out how we're helping protect you on tour by reading our latest blog.


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