Guest Post: The Best Dollar-Stretching Weekend Getaway Tips

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The Best Dollar-Stretching Weekend Getaway Tips

Guest Post by Henry Moore

Is it time to get out of town?  Everyone needs a getaway now and then.  If you’re ready for a break but your budget is tight, you can still enjoy a weekend trip.  Just follow these tips to make the most of every dollar.


Start with flexibility.  Being open to switching up travel dates, times and destinations can make all the difference when you’re watching your budget.  For instance, traveling offseason can give you the most bang for your buck, and on top of that you can avoid the crowds.  Steering clear of holiday weekends is also smart and consider activities at your destination that could jack up pricing such as major sporting events or conventions.  And if you have a canine companion to consider and you can’t bring Fido along, you can book affordable pet care providers through online pet service sites.  They vet the caregivers, and you can locate a pet sitter or boarder that fits your budget.


Save but don’t plan.  How much do you want to spend on your trip?  Fun, Cheap or Free recommends saving for your getaway ahead of time, then being ready to act on impulse so you can snag the best travel deals.  By having your funds already set aside and being open minded about when, where and how, you can snap up sales as soon as you see them.  You can often catch last-minute, discounted reservations with airlines and hotels that don’t want to leave slots empty.  Also, make it a point to check warehouse retailers for discounts and package deals, since they often offer special pricing for their customers.


Consider alternative lodging.  Staying in a hotel is usually convenient and comfortable, but you do have other options that could be just as nice and less expensive.  One idea is to make arrangements to swap houses or rooms with a private individual for a frugal getaway.  You could also look for a hostel, bed and breakfast or condo.


Less popular = less expensive.  When you’re looking for a particular kind of getaway, sometimes seeking a destination that suits your concept but is a bit off the beaten path can save you big bucks.  One example is beach vacations.  As Dave Ramsey points out, oceanside destinations will be more popular than their Gulf Shore counterparts, and as a result those less popular beaches equate to less expensive vacations.  Along with less costly lodging, your restaurants and attractions are also likely to be easier on your wallet.


Enjoy nature.  Visiting state or national parks is a fun option for a frugal weekend getaway, and you can take in the great outdoors.  There is plenty to do, from hiking to horseback riding and from swimming to geocaching.  Many parks offer inns and restaurants, or you can do some camping.  Tents, RVs and all the gear you need, can be rented if you aren’t already equipped.  You can even search for a national park by the activity, topic or destination.


Tours and such.  When you reach your destination, you have many inexpensive options for entertainment.  You can search out local festivals, walking tours and self-guided driving tours.  Consider renting a Segway or bicycle so you can absorb the area culture up close and personally, or participate in a guided tour for information and insights.  You can often see local attractions and find the best eateries through rubbing elbows with the natives, getting a perspective you won’t find any other way.


You don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy a great getaway.  Save your pennies and be ready for a weekend trip.  A little ingenuity can go a long way when it comes to stretching your travel budget.

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Looking for a great tour on a budget in the Distillery?  Our Classic Walking Tour offers you, your family or small team a great opportunity to learn, taste and live the Distillery District.  Find out more by clicking here.

Distillery District Ghost Tours – On A Segway!

Go Tours Canada Announces Official Launch of 2018 Segway Ghost Tours

Visitors Offered a Glimpse into Distillery District’s Way Less Historically Provable Side

Go Tours Canada is offering Toronto Residents and Visitors a chance to explore the Distillery District’s weirder history during the month of October with their World’s Least Scary Ghost Tour.  It’s being called Toronto’s weirdest, funnest, date this October.  The tour offers guests a chance to suspend their belief in empirical fact while riding around on a machine that still seems to deny the laws of physics.

“If you’re looking for a serious ghost tour, this isn’t the one.  I’m pretty sure that, if ghosts exist, they’re not into Segways. But people are and I can say with 100% accuracy that this is Toronto’s weirdest, funnest date in the month of October.” Says Aaron Binder, Chief Experience Officer.  “This is a fun tour to kick off a memorable date night or simply enjoy with your friends.  We’re actually encouraging people to dress up as their favourite Orange Cheeto or Moth Meme.  We’re not here to make the claim that ghosts exist but I am here to claim the tour is an absolute blast.”

The 40 minute tour is offered 7 days a week during October with start times at 6 and 7 with additional times available upon request.  Guests are encouraged to dress for the weather and in their Halloween costumes.  Go Tours will be awarding the best costume a complimentary pair of passes to Second City.

Location: Distillery District, Toronto
When: Daily from October  1st – 31st 2018, 5 Days/Week the rest of the year
Cost: $53 + HST per person
On Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Go Tours Canada Enters 10th Year of Offroad Segway Tours in Barrie

Makes Move to New Permanent Location at Hardwood Ski and Bike

Barrie, July 4, 2018 – From humble beginnings in 2008, Go Tours Canada is happy to enter its 10th year of Offroad Segway Tours in Barrie. The company has moved their Barrie location permanently to Hardwood Ski and Bike. Featuring manicured trails, memorable photo opportunities and award-winning customer service, Go Tours expects 2018 to be another exciting year of tours.

“Seeing Barrie’s tourism industry grow with us over the last 10 years has been incredible. When we started offering Offroad Segway tours, nobody thought we’d last a year but a decade later and we’re an anchor in Barrie’s tourism industry.” Said Aaron Binder, Chief Experience Officer of Go Tours Canada. “Moving to Hardwood Ski and Bike gives us the opportunity to provide even better customer service and more daily tours to our new and returning guests.”

The company’s Barrie operation has been rated the #1 tour in the region on Tripadvisor for 2 years running. With their move to Hardwood in Barrie and a brand-new Segway tour location at Ontario Place in Toronto, Go Tours’ story continues as one of the Ontario tourism industry’s most fascinating narratives. Go Tours Hardwood is expected to operate all Summer and bookings can be made at

Location: Hardwood Ski and Bike
When: All Summer, daily
Cost: $69+HST per person

About Go Tours Canada

Go Tours Canada is one of Ontario’s top-rated tour attractions. Their flagship location in Toronto’s Distillery District features Segway, Walking, Corporate and School tours year-round. Their Barrie operation recently moved to a new permanent home at Hardwood Ski and Bike. In business for 14 years, Go Tours Canada has won multiple customer service awards and are considered small business tourism industry leaders.

Looking for things to do in Barrie?  Go Tours Canada has the best tour on two wheels!
Looking for things to do in Barrie? Go Tours Canada has the best tour on two wheels!

Go Tours Canada Launches Segway Tour at Ontario Place

Go Tours Canada Launches Segway Tour at Ontario Place
First new Segway tour in Toronto since opening in the Distillery District in 2004

Toronto, June 22, 2018 –
Toronto is getting its first new Segway tour in 14 years.  Since launching in 2004, Go Tours Canada has operated year-round in Toronto’s Distillery District and seasonally at Hardwood Ski & Bike and Horseshoe Resort in Barrie.  The addition of this new location offers visitors and residents of Toronto another exciting activity at Ontario Place.

“For years, people have been asking us to open another Toronto location and that day is finally here. Ontario Place is undergoing an exciting new chapter and we’re incredibly happy to be written into it.” Said Jason Rizzuti, Managing Partner of Go Tours Canada.  “We’re launching our new location with private 2 person tours featuring rolling hills, multiple photo opportunities and an incredibly fun Segway tour through the West Island and new Trillium Park.

Location: Ontario Place
When: July 1st to late September, Thursday-Sunday at 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm
Cost: $69+HST per person, max 2 people per tour

Go Tours Canada is at Ontario Place in 2018 for Segway Tours!

Segways Legal in Ontario As Of Today

Segway of Ontario / Go Tours Pleased to Announce Full Segway Legalization After 12 Year Pilot Program

Are Segways legal in Ontario? Click here to find out.


Toronto, Canada – April 1, 2018  – Just kidding.

The Segway PT is still illegal for most riders in Ontario, even after new personal transporters like the Ninebot MiniPro, Segway Kickscooter and multiple other brands of similar products.

Upon launching in 2004, Segway of Ontario / Go Tours Canada quickly became a polarizing topic of debate municipally in Toronto and in the province of Ontario.  After initial consultations and media coverage, the Segway PT was placed under a pilot program in 2006.  Since then there have been no updates to the pilot which ends in October 2018.

“For 12 years since the Segway PT pilot was initiated in Ontario, we’ve been pushing for updated legislation to allow small businesses like ours to operate legally and bring new economy to small tourism destinations across the province.” Says Jason Rizzuti, General Manager of Segway Ontario. “Most people calling up to inquire about purchasing Segway PT’s want to open tour operations like ours or simply desire to get out of their cars on their commute.  Unlike us, few of these businesses are able to operate on private property and simply don’t open.”

Based on internal estimates, the economic benefits brought to these communities through increased tourism would be in the millions.  With the pilot coming to a close this year, the Ministry of Transportation must decide whether to legalize the Segway PT as other provinces have done or keep the current restrictions.

For more information and to submit your own feedback, contact the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s Segway Project Lead Fazelah Ali –  We request your urgent feedback on the Ontario Segway Pilot so the government is better able to make an informed decision, if you have taken a tour with us before, please provide feedback.

Segway of Ontario / Go Tours Canada

Contact: Jason Rizzuti

Telephone: 416-642-0096

Company: Segway of Ontario


Website: /

Segway of Ontario Announces New Distribution Deal

Segway of Ontario

Contact: Jason Rizzuti

Telephone: 416-642-0096

Company: Segway of Ontario




Segway of Ontario Renews Contract as Segway Distributor for Ontario

Continues to Provide Exceptional Service to Commercial Clients


Toronto, Canada – March 12, 2018 – Segway of Ontario is pleased to announce a renewed commitment as the Segway Authorized Distributor for the province of Ontario. One of the world’s longest-standing distributors of Segway products, Segway of Ontario offers service, parts and sales for the iconic Segway Personal Transporter (PT) line.

Since first introducing the Segway PT to Ontario in 2004, we’ve been supporting small Ontario businesses and institutions with commercial transportation needs.” Says Jason Rizzuti, Segway of Ontario General Manager. “We’re pleased to continue this relationship with Segway Inc. and are committed to providing our existing and new customers with exceptional service.”

Segway of Ontario is considered Ontario’s expert in personal transportation needs for commercial enterprises. The company has worked with tour companies, warehouses, law enforcement and first responders in developing unique transportation solutions. In 2018 they plan to expand their client base by showcasing the latest Segway Patroller series. Designed for law enforcement and security, these rugged personal transporters improve community dialogue with peace officers.

About Segway of Ontario

Segway of Ontario is a distributor of Segway brand of Personal Transporters. Opened in 2004, they are one of the world’s longest-running distributors of Segway branded products. The company is renowned for their customer service and development of ongoing relationships. New for 2018 is the Segway consumer lineup featuring the Ninebot by Segway Kickscooter ES1 and ES2, the miniPLUS and more.  Segway of Ontario is a partner company to Go Tours Canada.

Segways are used for warehousing in Ontario.  Segway of Ontario has multiple options available.

2017 Toronto Christmas Market Night Photos

Toronto Christmas Market 2017 Night Photos

The 2017 Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District is a favourite for dates, families and corporate groups!  Since year 1, Go Tours has offered an inside glimpse into the neighbourhood and today we’re showing you some of our top 2017 Christmas Market photos.

The Toronto Christmas Market Entrance at Trinity and Parliament Streets.

Trinity and Mill is considered the main entrance to the Distillery District and the guard hut has become a mainstay in photos of the area.  To the right is the old malting and kiln houses where grain was processed before the whisky-making process.

City of Angels in the Distillery District during the Christmas Market.
14 Days Until Christmas

Now inhabited by City of Angels, this space was part of the Cooperage where barrels were built for the whisky aging process.  Some of the old wood and metalworking tools used here are still on display throughout the site.

The Gooderham and Worts Distillery was one of the world's largest and most successful alcohol companies.
The Gooderham and Worts Distillery during the 2017 Christmas Market.

Taken from the intersection of Trinity Street and Tankhouse Lane.  The iconic Gooderham and Worts sign is a main feature of the view from this intersection along with a multitude of Victorian Industrial era buildings.

The Spirit of York Distillery in Toronto. Captured during the 2017 Toronto Christmas Market.
The Spirit of York Distillery in Toronto. Captured during the 2017 Toronto Christmas Market.

A closer view of the malting house reveals its current tenant, Spirit of York distillery.  The second distillery to open in the area (after Mill St. Brewery in 2013) since it shut down as the Gooderham and Worts distillery in 1990, they focus on rye-based alcohols.

The Young Centre in Toronto's Distillery District is home to all types of theatre productions.
The Young Centre in Toronto’s Distillery District is home to all types of theatre productions.

The end of Tankhouse Lane features the Young Centre for the Performing Arts, Gilding the Lily, Cluny Bistro, Yummi Candles and Tankhouse General.  The 514 Cherry Streetcar opened in 2016 and is one of the easiest ways to reach the Distillery District from the Yonge St. Subway Line.

The 2017 Christmas Market Light Tunnel.
The 2017 Christmas Market Light Tunnel.

The 2017 Toronto Christmas Market featured a new addition – the light tunnel.  This installation likely foreshadows the beginning of the 2018 Light Festival.

These are just a few photos of our neighbourhood at night – do you have any to share?  Tag us on Instagram and we’ll feature them in a future post!  Not a photographer?  Take one of our Walking Tours and we’ll learn you some hot history.

Check out our post of what to do in the Distillery District while you’re here for the Christmas Market.

Our Quick Guide to the 2017 Toronto Christmas Market

2017 Toronto Christmas Market

Since 2010 the Toronto Christmas Market has been a staple in Toronto. Over half a million Torontonians and tourists visited the 2016 Market and that number is expected to grow in 2017.  As the Distillery District‘s resident tour company, we’ve put together a list of recommendations for your visit.

Distillery District Walking Tours

Our Favorite Food Vendors

The Wafel Bar is an absolutely delicious way to enjoy the Toronto Christmas Market.
The Wafel Bar is an absolutely delicious way to enjoy the Toronto Christmas Market.

The 2017 Toronto Christmas Market features new vendors, a light tunnel and absolutely delicious snacks of all types.

Wafel Bar: New for 2017, we’ve teamed up with Wafel Bar.  Everyone joining us for a walking tour already receives a hot chocolate voucher and we’ve upped the game with a complimentary mini-Wafel too!

Chimney Stax: A classic baked treat served either sweet or savory.  Chimney Stax at the Toronto Christmas Market has an incredible selection of styles and you’ll probably end up wanting more than one.

Uncle Betty’s: Donuts?  Oh yeah.  There isn’t really anything else we need to say about this booth except you’re going to love it.  Make sure you check them out on your visit to the Christmas Market.

The Toronto Christmas Market Ferris Wheel in the Distillery District.
The Toronto Christmas Market Ferris Wheel.

Our Favorite Places for Coffee

In recent years the Distillery District has become a hotbed of coffee shops.  With 7 coffee shops in 13 acres the area is a caffeine addicts dream.

Arvo: If you’re looking for chill vibes, great tunes and an insanely good Americano, check out Arvo Coffee.  Their friendly staff are passionate about a perfect pull of espresso and just really cool folks.

Arena: If you want something flavoured, check out Arena Coffee.  Their lineup of hot chocolate and espresso based drinks will excite your nose as much as your mouth.  They’re located in Sport Gallery so you can check out really cool sports memorabilia as you sip a tasty drink.

Arena Coffee has some of the best flavoured drinks in Toronto.
Arena Coffee has some of the best flavored drinks in Toronto.

We’ll be back next week with a photo post, check it out here!  And don’t forget we’re offering our Classic Walking Tours during your visit.  Free hot chocolate and mini-Wafel included.


Go Tours Canada Wins Service Excellence Award

Go Tours is stoked to announce their Barrie management team, Devon Cole and Teresa Zimmerman, have won the Tourism Barrie Service Excellence Award.

The award “recognizes a Barrie Tourism industry partner that has shown an ongoing dedication to service excellence and a belief that small acts can make a great difference.”  In 2017, Go Tours Barrie became a top 5 rated attractions in the area on Tripadvisor.

“For 9 years our Barrie team has gone above and beyond with every client.   In 2017 our Manager Devon Cole and Assistant Manager Teresa Zimmerman worked incredibly hard to welcome people from around the globe.  The Go Tours spirit of providing the best service possible to every individual client is alive and well in them.” says Aaron Binder, Chief Experience Officer of Go Tours Canada.  “We’ve been providing tours for 13 years in Ontario and are stoked to show visitors the hospitality and friendliness Canadians are known for.”

The Service Excellence Award caps off the end of a successful year of tours at both Horseshoe Resort and Hardwood Ski and Bike.  Segway tours are still available at Go Tours’ Toronto location in the Distillery District.  The company plans to re-open their Barrie operation in Spring 2018 for their 10th year in the area.

For more information on the Service Excellence Award and Tourism Barrie Awards, please visit this link:

Go Tours Canada is one of Canada’s favourite tour companies.  Featuring Segway, Walking and Tasting Tours, and Teambuilding events.  The company has been operating since 2005 in the Distillery District.  For further information, contact

Go Tours Pop-Up Segway Tours at Black Creek

September 30th and October 1st promise to be exciting days for Black Creek Pioneer Village. Go Tours is descending on the gorgeous historic site for two days of pop-up Segway tours through the scenic trails. The 45 minute experience begins with a safety training session before striking out to explore the area with our expert guides.

Cost is $49+HST per person and timings are available at 2, 3, 4, and 5pm on Sept. 30th and October 1st. Bookings are available here.