Add the Distillery District to Your Toronto Bus Tour Itinerary

For 2 decades the Distillery District has been one of Toronto’s most visited neighbourhoods. Once neglected, this area now glistens with unique boutiques, quaint coffee spots, and a selection of the city’s finest culinary offerings.

Discover the timeless charm of Toronto’s Distillery District with our expert Tour Guides.  Our Distillery District events are curated for those who appreciate history, culture – and a little bit of shopping. Captivate your Toronto bus tour passengers with fascinating tales woven through the brick pathways and Victorian architecture of Toronto’s most storied neighborhoods.

Walking Tour Availability: 7 days a week (click here to learn more about our tours)
Tastings Availability:
Most Days depending on Distillery District event schedule
Tour Price
: starts at $21 + HST per person | Tastings start at $19 + HST per person

Add the iconic Distillery District to your bus tour itinerary.  Our expert staff at Go Tours Canada can help you book our local tour guides.
Enjoy fresh-baked French style croissants at Cluny Cafe and Boulangerie in the Distillery District.

A Step Back in History

Our expert guides will lead your group through the heart of the Distillery District.

We’ll share stories of the world’s former largest distillery, the ingenuity of the district’s founders, and the spirited tales that echo off the aged brickwork.

Each corner of this historic area is a testament to the neighbourhood’s industrial heritage and its transformation into a vibrant cultural hub.


Seamless Group Experience

We understand the nuances of managing group tours. Our experiences are tailored to ensure comfort, engagement, and easy logistics for your guests. We prioritize easy accessibility, leisurely-paced walks, and point out some of the best spots to visit after the tour.

Connect with the Community

Our tours go beyond history; they’re an immersive experience that invites interaction with local artisans, glimpses into boutique galleries, and the opportunity to indulge in the culinary delights that pepper this neighborhood.

The iconic Distillery District love locks are an easy to find spot in the neighbourhood.

Elevate Your Toronto Bus Tour Itinerary

Join us and add an enriching historical chapter to your Toronto bus tour. Contact us now to schedule your Distillery District event and treat your guests to an unforgettable stroll through the bricks and businesses of Toronto’s iconic neighbourhood.

Learn about the food & drinks of the Distillery District

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