The Distillery District Breakfast Tour

Delicious Bites. Rich History.


Begin your day in the Distillery District with Toronto’s best coffee and bites.  Indulge in a rich morning experience with our new Distillery District Breakfast Tour.

This tour features stops at favourite local Distillery District cafes and restaurants – start with a hot tea or coffee and then fuel up with a breakfast sandwich and biscotti. Your tour leaves our office at 9:30am on Saturday or Sunday – The perfect way to start a full day of Toronto highlights and exploration.

As you wander from one beloved local cafe to the next, our Tour Guide will dish out the fascinating stories behind the Distillery District’s historic brick streets and buildings. We’ll guide you to the best photo spots too. And for our vegetarian friends, we’re fully prepared with delicious veg selections—just give us a heads up!

Cost: $49 + HST per person (minimum 2 per tour)
Time: Saturday / Sunday @ 9:30am
Duration: 75 minutes
Meeting Point: Go Tours Canada – 11 Gristmill Lane
Dietary notes: Vegetarian options available.

Our suppliers do not offer gluten-free or vegan options on this tour & we cannot offer substitutions.  Food products may have been exposed to nuts, dairy, eggs & gluten.

An explosion of flavour awaits your mouth on the Distillery District Breakfast Tour. Hot drinks and luxurious bites - discover a new side of the Distillery on our tour.
Indulge in rich coffee & sensational biscotti on our Distillery District Breakfast tour.

Discover Distillery District Restaurants, Cafes & Sights – before the crowds arrive.  This isn’t just breakfast; it’s the beginning of a day you’ll never forget.

Our Breakfast Tour is the savvy traveler’s secret to a crowd-free, flavor-packed start to the day.  Fuel up on exclusive culinary delights and get energized for your weekend.

As our tour winds down, you’ll have the unique pleasure of experiencing the District awakening. Stroll through the tranquil streets & enjoy first dibs at boutique stores – or set forth to uncover the rest of Toronto’s gems.

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