Go Tours is proud to employ some of the best guides in Canada as rated by ourselves and TripAdvisor. Seriously though, this team is incredibly passionate about the stories they tell and creating a real connection with everyone that walks through our doors – we’re as curious as you!

Name: Jason

Title: General Manager

Likes: Fiscal Responsibility and Cheese

Dislikes: Vegetables

Spend Tip Money On: Value Stocks

Jason has been with Go Tours since the beginning and is now considered the top Segway man in Canada. Jason also has a penchant for craft beer and first dates.

Name: Aaron

Title: Chief Experience Officer, VP of Calculations

Likes: Biking so he can eat more

Dislikes: Having a birthday on March 17th

Spend Tip Money On: Giant Office Stationary

Aaron is a young hot-shot with a mysterious past. You can read more about him at

Name: Erik

Title: Dreamer of Dreams

Likes: Juggling

Dislikes: Jugglers

Spend Tip Money On: Delicious Baked Goods

Erik is a man of many talents but we’ll always love him for his ability to charm a crowd with a simple raised eyebrow and wink.

Name: Gavin

Title: Professional Man/Tour Guide

Likes: Comedy

Dislikes: Comedy

Spend Tip Money On: Burritos

Gavin is a true triple-threat: Comedian, Tour Guide, Debonaire millionaire. When he’s not at Go Tours you can find him slinging sketches with Dame Judy Dench.

Name: Sergi

Title: Mister Delightful

Likes: The Gorilla

Dislikes: Enemies of The Gorilla

Spend Tip Money On: Traveling everywhere

Originally from Spain, Sergi speaks 3 languages well and 2 poorly. When not on tour you can usually find him practicing stand-up comedy.

Name: Sokne (Soak-knee)

Title: Soup Connoisseur

Likes: Teaching Kids

Dislikes: Kids

Spend Tip Money On: So much soup

Sokne came to us a broken human. Not in the way that, say, Robocop was a broken human – more in the way that teaching children for multiple years breaks a human.

She’s good now though.

Name: Nicole

Title:  Your Guide to Happiness

Likes: Explosions, Creating Explosions

Dislikes: Yellow Fireworks

Spend Tip Money On: Nothing! She’s saving for a house

Nicole isn’t actually explosive but her VFX skills sure are. If you need anything blown up on camera, look her up.

Name: Josh

Title: The Clint Eastwood of Tour Guides

Likes: The Unknown Beyond

Dislikes: When there isn’t an acoustic guitar at a bonfire

Spend Tip Money On: Sweet, delicious sandwiches

Josh isn’t just a master of intrigue, he defines it. Knowledgeable on a variety of subjects, we recommend asking him about film.

Name: Graham

Title: Future Bond Villain


Dislikes:James Bond

Spend Tip Money On: His secret underground lair

When Graham was a young boy he saw his father taken from him during a botched rescue attempt by James Bond (Connery version). Ever since then he’s made it his life goal to get back at Bond and avenge his father.

Name: David

Title: “Officially Licensed” David

Likes: Comedy

Dislikes: The existential questioning that comes with being funny

Spend Tip Money On: Probably hair product

David kinda just showed up at our office one day and never left. We’re not sure if he has parents or was born or just happened to blink into existence. What we do know is that he’s welcome here as long as he breathes – and stops doing that weird hovering thing.

Name: Michelle

Title: Well Known Triple Threat

Likes: Order

Dislikes:  Your messy life

Spend Tip Money On: Quinoa

You might recognize Michelle as one of Canada’s favourite up and coming actors. If you don’t, look her up now. When she’s not delivering goddess level performances on screen, you can find her dropping facts about Toronto on our walking and segway tours.

Name: Lisa

Title: Aspiring Reporter

Likes: Facts

Dislikes:Your mom

Spend Tip Money On: Sending her kids to University

We don’t know what Lisa has against your mom but she sure has a ton of jokes about her. Seriously, what did your mom do to Lisa? Maybe your mom should call up Lisa and hash it out, woman to woman?

Name: Dylan

Title: Top-Notch Talker

Likes: Inception


Spend Tip Money On: Magical Crystals

Dylan came to us in a dream one night- no one is exactly sure where he came from or how he found us, but boy does he look majestic on a Segway.


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