Segway Ghost Tours in the Distillery District

Enjoy a Guided Segway Tour and Way Less Factual History This Fall

Explore the Distillery District’s weirder history during the month of October with the Distillery District Ghost Tour by Go Tours Canada.  Definitely one of Toronto’s weirdest, funnest, dates, the Distillery District Segway Ghost Tour is sure to tickle your sixth sense.  Tour Guests are offered a chance to suspend their belief in empirical fact while riding around on a machine that still seems to deny the laws of physics.

“If you’re looking for a serious ghost tour, this isn’t the one.  I’m pretty sure that, if ghosts exist, they’re not into Segways. But people are and I can say with 100% accuracy that this is a great date.” Says Aaron Binder, Go Tours Canada’s Chief Experience Officer.  “Our Segway Ghost Tour is a fun way to kick off a memorable night in the Distillery District with friends, family or a hot date.  We’re encouraging people to dress up as their favourite Cheeto-themed former President or Moth Meme!  You’re already riding a Segway, so you might as well go all in.”

The 40 minute tour is available 7 days a week during October with start times at 6 and 7 and other launch times available upon request.  Reservations can fill up fast so it’s best to book ahead.  Guests are encouraged to dress for the weather and in their Halloween costumes.

Location: Distillery District, Toronto
When: Daily from October  1st – 31st 2018, 5 Days/Week the rest of the year
Bookings: Available Here
Cost: $53 + HST per person
On Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram