toronto port lands segway tours

Since 2005, Go Tours Canada has operated Segway Tours in the Distillery District, Ontario Place, Horseshoe Hills, Hardwood Hills and the Toronto Zoo.

Now we’re ready to launch a unique, landmark Segway tour of Toronto’s Port Lands from our flagship Distillery District location.

Sign our letter of support and let’s make the Toronto Port Lands our next Segway Tour destination!

Since 2005, Go Tours Canada has operated Segway Tours - let's make the Toronto Port Lands our next destination! Photo from Go Tours Canada Ontario Place Segway Tour.

Let’s Grow!

From 2018 – 2023, our in-demand Ontario Place Segway Tours created a new reason for visitors to experience Toronto’s Waterfront.

With construction slated for Ontario Place – we’re ready to roll in Toronto’s Port Lands.  Launching from the Distillery District, our Port Lands Segway Tour can emulate and enhance our former Ontario Place tours.

>> Increased range

>> Multiple unique routes

>> Stops at supporting local businesses like Cherry St. BBQ

Redefine the Waterfront

Just like the Distillery, Regent Park and Leslieville – the Port Lands is downtown Toronto’s next East end destination.  This aspirational project will be a driver for Tourism and local spending alike. 

Drive Tourism

Toronto locals and visitors will want to explore the new Port Lands – Segways are an easy-to-learn transport mode for all confidence levels.  Combined with stops at local partners like Cherry St. BBQ, we can unlock the building blocks of tourism in Toronto’s newest neighbourhood.

Create Tourism Jobs

Since 2005, Go Tours Canada has operated Toronto’s only Segway Tours.  Our safety track record (200,000 trained & toured without incident) and product development history will help us create one of the first interactive Port Lands experiences.

Meet Toronto’s Environmental Targets

Segways emit zero carbon and require minimal draw to power = an almost net zero impact during tour operations.

Highlighting the Port Lands carbon offset capabilities with an almost zero-carbon tour product is a winning combo.

Meet the new Go Tours Canada mascot - Ryder Raccoon. Based on the famous Toronto Segway Raccoon, we couldn't help ourselves!

Unlocking Port Lands Destinations

Launching from the Distillery District, our new Port Lands Segway Tour brings visitors to destinations that have previously been difficult to reach.

Potential stops at Cherry St. BBQ, Keating Channel Pub, Cherry Beach and Tommy Thompson Park all become achievable.

Explore our map to see potential stops along the tour.

Proposed Route

With former locations at Horseshoe Resort, Hardwood Ski & Bike, Ontario Place & the Toronto Zoo – we’re dedicated to finding the best Segway Tour routes.  Balancing the need for rider safety and enjoyment is paramount as we begin to develop a Segway tour route through Toronto’s Port Lands.

Step 1: Legalize Segways

Since 2005, we’ve operated Segway Tours in the Distillery District, Ontario Place, the Toronto Zoo and pop-up locations around the city. Now we need City Council to vote YES on allowing Segways in this limited pilot project zone.

Toronto’s Port Lands are rich with vibrant businesses – we want to include them in our tour.  From film studios to restaurants, let’s highlight the best of Toronto’s Port Lands while enjoying the gorgeous new scenery.

The Port Lands has a rich history in film, business, and manufacturing – all topics we cover on our Distillery District tours.  We’re excited to cover these topics and more while roaming the Port Lands.

We’ve been at this for 20 years and believe that Toronto City Council has a slam dunk partner to deliver the Port Lands first ever tour.  We just need them to legalize our Pilot Project – optimally by June 2024.

Aaron Binder

CEO, Go Tours Canada

“Our team at Go Tours Canada believes Toronto City Council and the Province of Ontario will see the benefit of a Toronto Port Lands Segway Pilot.

We were devastated to lose our Ontario Place tour location in 2023 – but are excited to celebrate our 20th year in business by offering the first tour of Toronto’s Port Lands.”

“Go Tours Canada has maintained top-level safety and customer satisfaction in its twenty years of operation.

Introducing Segway tours in the Port Lands can contribute positively to Toronto’s tourism landscape.

There are limited places where people can experience the unique thrill of riding a Segway. I have had the pleasure of doing so many times. If you have not had this experience, I suggest you try it to learn what this could add to the Port Lands.”

Troy Young
Attractions Ontario

“As owner at Urban Capers Scavenger Hunts, I have witnessed Go Tours Canada’s positive contributions in Toronto’s tourism sector for the last twenty years.

Their proposed Port Lands Segway Tour aligns with the city’s efforts to revitalize the Port Lands as an area of outdoor activity and urban innovation.

After losing their popular Ontario Place Segway Tour location in 2023 due to construction, this is an opportunity for Toronto to realize their expertise and Segway fleet in Toronto’s newest neighbourhood.”

Jodi Sinden
Urban Capers

“Introducing Segway tours in the Port Lands can contribute positively to Toronto’s tourism landscape, offering residents and visitors a unique way to experience the area from their Distillery District location.

I encourage city officials and decision-makers to consider this proposal favorably.

It represents a step towards diversifying Toronto’s tourism offerings and supporting the growth of the Port Lands as a destination.”

Vince Accardi
Ontario Motor Coach Association