Our Favourite Distillery District Brunch and Breakfast Spots

Welcome to the historic Distillery District in Toronto, where art, culture, and culinary delights blend together seamlessly.

All the more reason to make the Distillery District your next brunch or breakfast destination. Brunch in Toronto is an institution – which is why we’re happy to present our list of Distillery District Brunch and Breakfast spots.


Since 2004, our team at Go Tours Canada has been munching on the delicious offerings from every restaurant & cafe in the neighbourhood. Our list of the best Distillery District Brunch and Breakfast spots is sure to inspire your next visit to the Distillery’s brick streets.

Want a Distillery District Tour?  Let our expert Toronto Tour Guide team escort you to breakfast & indulge in a rich morning experience with our new Distillery District Breakfast Tour.

Where to Get Brunch in the Distillery District

Brunch and Breakfast go hand in hand with the Distillery District.  Featuring some of Toronto’s best brunch – discover our 4 recommendations below.

Cluny Bistro and Boulangerie

Step into Cluny, a charming French bistro that exudes elegance. This restaurant offers a delightful brunch menu with a modern twist on classic French dishes.

From fluffy croissants to Lobster Benedict, their attention to detail and quality ingredients ensure a memorable dining experience.

If you’re grabbing Cluny Brunch, don’t miss their rich Chocolate Bread Pudding French Toast – possibly the most magical French Toast you’ll ever devour.



Mill Street Brewery (Distillery location)

If you’re a fan of craft beer, Mill Street Brewery in the Distillery District won’t disappoint. While they are known for their fantastic brews, their brunch offerings are equally impressive.

Dig into hearty dishes such as their Shakshuka or the Mill Street Brewmaster’s Breakfast. Pair your meal with one of their refreshing craft beers for the ultimate weekend flavour experience.

El Catrin Destileria

Located in Toronto’s Distillery District, El Catrin offers a vibrant brunch experience with a modern twist on traditional Mexican flavours.

From their tangy Chilaquiles Verdes to the indulgent Tres Leches French Toast, their menu is a delightful blend of tastes.

Pair your meal with a handcrafted cocktail from their extensive tequila and mezcal selection, and you’re in for a memorable brunch that embodies the essence of Mexican cuisine.

Discover a flight of beer on your next Toronto teambuilding event! We've partnered with Aviary Brewpub in Canary District (right beside the Distillery District) to excite your taste buds with delicious suds.

Aviary Brewpub - Canary District

Technically located in the Canary District – a 7 minute walk from the Distillery District – this ballpark themed brewpub is worth the short walk.  Aviary Brewpub combines a laid-back atmosphere with excellent food and drinks. Whether you’re craving Breakfast Poutine, Huevos Rancheros, or Eggs Benny, Aviary Brewpub has you covered.

 Aviary’s kids menu is sure to be a home-run with your little ones.  Grilled PB & J or Chicken Fingers are a smash hit. Complement your meal with one of their craft beers, handcrafted cocktails, or their signature pitcher of Gatorade.

Where to Get Breakfast in the Distillery District

Looking for something a little lighter than Brunch?  There are many fantastic Distillery District restaurants & cafes that will help you start your day right.

Enjoy a coffee from Arvo on our Distillery District Breakfast Tour.

Arvo Coffee - Toast Yourself!

Some of our favourite Distillery District neighbours – Arvo Coffee packs major flavour into their Toast Bar selections.

Each Toast features unique ingredients – and yes, you can get Avocado Toast. We recommend the Almond Delight Toast for a compelling savory & sweet combo.

Old School English at Brick Street Bakery

Brick Street Bakery is a longtime Distillery District neighbour. For breakfast, grab a Piggy’s Cluck.  We recommend getting it on their famous Ciabatta bun.

Vegetarian?  Good news, you’ll love the flavour-packed Brick Street Curry Turnover.

Wildly Delicious - Your Bagel Breakfast Awaits

Featuring a full menu of lunch options – you can get incredible breakfast bagels at Wildly Delicious too!

One of our favourites is their 2-year aged cheddar with bacon – but you can’t go wrong with Lox & Capers either.

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The Full List of Distillery District Breakfast Spots


  • Balzac’s Coffee Roasters: Immerse yourself in the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans at Balzac’s. Their specialty coffees and Victorian-inspired Distillery District cafe feature classic cafe delights with multiple coffee blends.  The iconic interior of this building must be seen in person.
  • Brick Street Bakery: Indulge in the artisanal bread and pastries at Brick Street Bakery. Their traditional English baking methods result in the perfect crust and fluffy texture. From croissants to sausage rolls, this bakery is a haven for heavy pastry lovers.
  • Arvo Coffee: Discover the minimalist charm of Arvo Coffee. Sip on meticulously hand-crafted espresso classics paired with delectable avocado toast & pastries.  When you stop by, make sure to try their fantastic butter tart square.
  • The Sweet Escape Patisserie: Experience artistry combined with creativity at The Sweet Escape Patisserie. Delight in exquisite French pastries like macarons and croissants or more fulsome fare like their egg bread.  All hand-made on site with high-quality ingredients and loving attention to detail.
  • Wildly Delicious: Embark on a culinary adventure at Wildly Delicious in the Distillery District. Enjoy a fusion of global flavours and locally sourced ingredients.  Try their butter and jam bagel for breakfast or, if you’re feeling more indulgent, their Bacon & 2-Year Old White Cheddar Bagel.
  • Sweetie Pie: Pie for breakfast?  You bet!  Pie enthusiasts will love Sweetie Pie, a hidden gem for a delightful breakfast. Indulge in their flaky and buttery pies, ranging from classic fruit-filled to savory creations, perfect to start your day in the most extreme flavour way.

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