Discover Toronto’s Prohibition History – and Indulge With a Custom Cocktail + Bites!

Just 3 years before America banned alcohol, Ontario’s prohibition began in 1916. After World War 1 it dominated public discourse and launched people like Al Capone, The Real McCoy and Rocco Perri into infamy.

Now, learn the wild history of Ontario & Canada’s prohibition. For this special monthly edition of our tour, we’ve partnered with Aviary BrewpubStart with our history walk and finish with a custom Gooderham & Worts whisky cocktail along with 3 favourite bites from Aviary’s menu. 

This tour takes place the first Thursday of every month.
Next Tour Date: September 7th
Time: Tour – 6pm – 7:15pm
Cocktails & Bites – 7:15pm – ??
Introductory Price:
(August-September): $49 + HST per person (minimum 2 per tour)
Price per person includes: Walking tour, a cocktail, 3 individual apps at Aviary
*Must be at least 19 years of age to take part in the cocktail

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While the American Prohibition era was dominated by names like Al Capone and the Real McCoy – they had to get their booze from somewhere.  Enter Canada’s Gooderham and Worts Distillery.

Our Toronto Whisky History tour fills in the gaps of how Gooderham and Worts rose to become the world’s largest distillery while Temperance Leagues were running rampant.

Discover how the Gooderham and Worts distillery supplied millions of gallons of booze to both Canada and the USA – even while it was technically illegal to drink.

Our expert Toronto Tour Guide will also tell you about the legal loopholes that allowed Canada’s alcohol industry to flourish – and let regular folks whet their whistles after a long day of work.

Explore the Northern Borders Collection by Corby

Your tour concludes with a cocktail crafted with Gooderham and Worts whisky.  After decades as a recipe, Corby Spirits revived the brand with a modern take on a classic 4 grain whisky.

The namesake Gooderham and Worts whisky features all the complexity and richness of the Distillery District and Corktown neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Relying on the smoothness of G&W Whisky, enjoy an exemplary Old Fashioned from Aviary Brewpub on your Prohibition and Whisky Tour.

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