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Bringing Educational Experiences to the World

Traveling has never been easier for the majority of Earth. Dropping airfare prices and phenomenon like Airbnb have made traveling a much easier prospect than it has ever been. However, there are multitudes of people unable to access these travel options. In 2017, Go Tours Canada teamed up with Doors Open Toronto to produce the first accessible 360 video for people that couldn’t physically traverse this location.

Self-guided Augmented Reality Tours are currently in development using the Zapbox and ARCore platforms for Android.  Go Tours is producing a series of simple, interactive narratives of the Distillery District and Toronto with emphasis on physical and mental accessibility.

At TAVES 2017 we will be exhibiting a beta version of this new Augmented Reality tour alongside Go Tours’ Managing Partner Aaron Binder presenting a panel on the existing and future uses of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Our sister company, Segway of Ontario will be offering demo sessions of the Segway MiniPro.

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