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People often have 8 questions for us, we have answered all 8 of them below. If you have a question of your own we invite you to ask us while wearing a gorilla costume in a Youtube video.

1. Do you offer tours in other languages?

We don't officially offer languages in other tours but we do have guides that speak other languages to varying degrees.

Call or email ahead and we will do our best to accommodate your tour in another language.

2. Are there age/weight restrictions on riders?

You bet! All riders must be at least 12 years and up and weigh between 100-280 lbs (45-127kg). Anyone under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Please read our rider restrictions and policy for further information.

3. Is it hard to ride a Segway? Is there a training session?

Not to worry, most participants take 3-5 minutes to pass our safety training. If our guides don't think you can safely join the tour we will, unfortunately, have to remove you from the tour with a full refund. Riders should also be aware that this is an activity that requires a degree of confidence and comfort. If, during or after training you feel uncomfortable, let your guide know so we can decide on a course of action. Safety is a serious part of our business and we are dedicated to making sure every rider can safely navigate on tour.

4. What if it's raining?

The Segway is a rugged machine capable of handling lots of terrain in a variety of environments. We are still able to operate tours in light-mid level rain but leave it up to you to decide if you'd still like to ride in these conditions. We will contact you an hour before your scheduled tour to discuss your intentions.

5. Do I have to wear a helmet? It doesn't look cool.

Yes, your insecurities and tough guy persona are still not as strong as classic turn of the century clay bricks.

6. Can I just rent a Segway and tour the Distillery myself?

Due to provincial legislation relating to the Highway Traffic Act, Segways are not legal outside of private property. Luckily the Distillery District is private property but we also have to abide by their requests for us to keep Distillery patrons as safe as possible. This means that you, unfortunately, cannot rip around on a Segway by yourself - frankly we just don't trust your pretty mug.

7. How fast/far will the Segway go?

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8. Didn't the inventor die while riding a Segway?

Nope, Dean Kamen is still kicking. The owner of Segway Inc. at the time, Jimi Heseldon, did ride off a cliff and drown. This situation certainly proves that it's worth reading more than the headline.


Cool bro.

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