How Your Decision to Axe Ontario Place Will Force Layoffs

Premier Ford,

My name is Aaron Binder and I’m one of those Little Guys you constantly talk about.

For years, my business, Go Tours Canada, has been a leader in Ontario’s Tourism Industry. We’ve helped transform our Province into a global Tourism destination and created prosperity for our employees, the local economy, the tourism industry, and the Province.

In July 2018, we opened our third Ontario location at Ontario Place. We were attracted by their plan to partner with small businesses like mine to drive incremental, long-term revenue. Their growth strategy to turn the beleaguered location into a waterfront hub was impressive and we decided to invest in a partnership.

I’m writing you today because I believe that if you truly understood what it is you are doing you would proceed differently. Because of your decision to axe Ontario Place I will now have to axe the new employees we hired this year. We may just be Little Guys, but we’re also job-creators who want stability for ourselves and our employees.

This move, your move, jeopardizes that.

Premier, I’m with you when you say Ontario needs to attract investment, but not when it costs Small Businesses. Over 80% of Canadians own or are employed by Small Businesses. Canadians want Small Businesses, they don’t want you to hand over our most valuable land, potentially to foreign investors.

Ontario Place can become one of our Province’s most popular destinations and not much needs to change to make it happen. Let’s keep building the long-term plan that years of work has gone into making. You will see the return on investment. Axe the plan and you’ll be compared to Dalton McGuinty in 2011 when his government slashed Ontario Place for the first time, or to Kathleen Wynne after canceling the gas plants.

Let’s work together and stay the course, it’s a good one.